Spa Hydromassage Received a Warm Welcome Among Marathoners

Last week eager Health and Fitness Expo attendees gathered around the Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs booth, lured in by marathoners de-stressing in massage chairs just days before the big race. Expo attendees who wanted to learn more about the many post-workout benefits of hydromassage were treated to a complimentary massage from one of six massage therapists. Guests receiving massages watched an informative and relaxing video on hydrotherapy massage, detailing one of the best ways to alleviate fatigue and muscle soreness – with a hydrotherapy spa.

The resounding theme of Jacuzzi’s presence at the Rock ‘n’ Roll event was undoubtedly Train Hard, Recover Faster with hydrotherapy spas. We listened to athletes speak of rigorous training routines followed by much needed relief in their own hydromassage spa at home, a friend’s spa or a bathtub. Our top of the line luxury hydrotherapy spa, the Jacuzzi J-480 spa, showcased a dramatic curved profile that enticed people into the booth. The featured hydromassage spa in our booth was definitely a head turner and crowd pleaser, especially since booth visitors were given free entry into a raffle to win one!

My favorite response to my question “Have you ever experienced a hot tub hydromassage before?” – “Yes, I have a hot tub at home but it’s not a Jacuzzi, it looks nothing like this; this is what I want in my backyard, a genuine Jacuzzi.” And with that said, he entered the raffle to win the hydromassage spa.

The following Sunday after the Expo turned out to be quite pleasant for a race. Nearly 25,000 runners, walkers and wheelchairs participated in the highly anticipated event. I met up with our office athlete, Sue Branica an hour before the run and to my surprise she was quite alert and chipper for 5am! Sue finished with a fantastic half marathon time of 2 hours! Good job Sue! San Diego Half Marathon complete, next on the agenda, Seattle Full Marathon. I must say, I am impressed and proud of course.

See pictures of our hydromassage spas at the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll event on Facebook.

View Ann Wessling of’s interview in our Expo booth in front of our J-480 hydrotherapy spa.