Jacuzzi Communicates Hydrotherapy Massage Benefits to Golf Fans

Did you know that the most common golf injuries include back pain, tennis elbow, shoulder pain and knee pain? That sounds like a lot of stress for a game that is known to be a stress reliever. “Golf enthusiasts who excel at their game tend to push their physical limits to the max, which causes sore muscles and longer recover times without proper therapy” says Jim Sueppel, Jacuzzi Hot Tubs National Sales Manager. “Jacuzzi hydromassage allows individuals to create a personal targeted massage. Recovery time is reduced and golf experience and performance is improved because of restored strength and flexibility.”

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Regional Mgr. w/ J-480 luxury hot tubLast month, Jacuzzi partnered with the Ladies Professional Golf Association at the 2010 LPGA State Farm Classic in Springfield, IL as the Official Bath and Hot Tub of the LPGA.  Fans were able to view and ask questions about a J-480 luxury hot tub showcased in the sponsor area along the course. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Regional Manager Jeff Wilson remarked “Those who attended the LPGA event in Springfield were very health conscience; a good majority were already aware of hydrotherapy massage as a beneficial part of an active lifestyle. I saw Jacuzzi as a great fit for this event, to many, an unexpected surprise and reminder of the healing benefits a hot tub provides to people faced with muscle soreness and fatigue. As a matter of fact, we were visited by several attendees who were interested  in hearing about the footmound jets; complaints about sore achy feet were heard all day.”

Jacuzzi also sponsored the LPGA’s Sports Medicine Center. The traveling center will be present at each LPGA event providing exercise and rehabilitation treatments to LPGA players. Find Jacuzzi at upcoming tournaments in Portland, OR and Winnipeg, MB, Canada in August.

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Official Bath and Hot Tub of the LPGA

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