Hot Tub Innovators Revolutionized an Industry

Jacuzzi trivia anyone?

Question: What did the Jacuzzi brothers invent that earned them a gold medal at the California State Fair in 1930?

Answer: The Jacuzzi brothers received a Gold Medal Award for their invention – a new type of pump that drew water out of the ground more efficiently than any pump that came before it. They successfully revolutionized hydraulic pumps used for agriculture.

By the 1950s, the Jacuzzi brothers utilized their expertise in hydraulics to benefit a young family member stricken with painful rheumatoid arthritis. They created an aerating pump designed to be submerged in a bathtub to provide pain-relieving hydrotherapeutic treatments.

Question: What is the name of this portable pump?

Answer: The J-300™ turned normal bath tubs into relaxing and rejuvenating hydro-therapeutic home spas. The idea started a niche market and Jacuzzi became a household name.

To many people, the Jacuzzi brand is synonymous with portable hot tubs. With their ingenious methods of moving water with water, the Jacuzzi brothers revolutionized the pump industry and provided the foundation for the jet pump industry in today’s portable hot tubs.

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In 1968, third-generation family member Roy Jacuzzi created a market for jetted bath products. He invented “the Roman,” the world’s first modern, self-contained whirlpool bath – setting in motion a new era in hydrotherapy by making its benefits accessible, efficient and desirable for all. Shortly after, the company invented the first portable hot tub.

Products and Technology by Jacuzzi Hot Tubs
What began as a pioneering concept created in a single portable hot tub unit has grown into a complete line of state-of-the art hot tubs for the home. Instantly recognizable and known the world over, the Jacuzzi® brand of hot tubs backed by nearly three decades of innovation in styling and technology.