Jacuzzi Celebrates the Fourth of July

Patriotic Jacuzzi Hot Tubs shirts worn by Rosy and Jessica

In honor of Independence Day, Jacuzzi employees gathered for a casual  luncheon this week. “Fountain,” Jacuzzi’s main training room, merged Jacuzzi Spa teams with Jacuzzi Bath teams to commemorate Independence Day with a celebratory feast. Several people showed extra enthusiasm and wore their patriotic Jacuzzi Hot Tubs tee shirts that feature a festive red and blue fireworks display. Staff enjoyed typical picnic fair including fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, soda and brownies. Employees look forward to the opportunity to get together as a company before a holiday weekend.

“I understand everyone is busy, but we should all take the time, relax and enjoy each others company when we can,” said Benefits Manager, Rosy Brennan.

Irma Zamora in Accounts Payable shared “You get to know people from other departments that you would never socialize with if it were not for the company luncheons since we only interact with certain departments on a daily basis.” Many agreed it was a good time and nice break from the hectic work day. “It was a chance to sit with our co-workers and get to know them a little more than just good morning and good night,” smiled Lisa Fairley in Accounts Payable. One lucky Jacuzzi member even won the “lunch box raffle.” Rich Strong was the bearer of the lunch box that had the winning sticker underneath it. He won tickets to Anaheim Stadium to watch the Angels vs. Kansas City Royals. When someone asked him “Are you an Angels fan?” Rich replied with an excited “Yes! I’m calling my wife right now!” Congrats Rich!

On behalf of the team at Jacuzzi, we wish you a happy Independence Day.