Facility at US Olympic Team Track & Field Trials Includes Hydrotherapy

Runners – including those training for the Olympic games this summer in London – often use the benefits of hot tub hydrotherapy as part of their training and recovery process. At the University of Oregon where the U.S. track and field trials were held, state-of-the-art hydrotherapy amenities were part of the 2007 expansion of the athletic department’s facilities.

It’s not only elite runners pushing the limits of physical stress who benefit from hot tub hydrotherapy. Active adults like you can get the same benefits from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs hydrotherapy, right at home.

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Sore, aching muscles can make working out uncomfortable. Decrease joint pain, ease sore muscles, improve circulation, and accelerate the body’s natural healing process through hydrotherapy. A technique heralded by trainers of professional and amateur athletes alike, hot water and massage have a long legacy in promoting muscle recovery.

“With contoured seats, one is able to sit in various positions to do stretching with jets targeted at calves, knees and legs. Flexibility is maximized and blood circulation is improved if a person stretches in hot water combined with massage.” Regional Manager for Jacuzzi Hot Tubs, Patti Ryan,

The Summer Olympics can inspire us to get into shape, or just to take better care of ourselves by relaxing and relieving stress on a daily basis. Jacuzzi hot tub hydrotherapy brings all those benefits home.

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