Employees Work Out at Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

Now is the perfect time to focus on health and wellness since the month of February is American Heart Month. Encouraging living well and exercise is a natural for a hot tub company that makes products designed to promote health and wellness. Here at Jacuzzi Hot Tubs, employees have the opportunity to attend company sponsored fitness classes. Classes are conveniently held in our multi-purpose room, welcome all fitness levels and are led by one of our very own. Brianna Armstrong, who works in our finance department, is also a certified fitness instructor and health enthusiast.

What classes do you offer as part of the employee program?
I teach three to four classes per week including yoga, Piloxing and boot camp. I plan on teaching barre classes in the future and due to popular request, I have also considered adding a lunchtime yoga class for those who cannot make it to class after work.

What is your goal for the employees who are participating in the classes?
My goal is to get employees moving, show them they can exercise and have fun while doing it. Not only do I want them to see improvements in their physical appearance but I’d also like to see an improvement in each participant’s overall wellness…lower stress, more energy, improved mood, better sleep, etc.

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Teaching group fitness classes is a way for me to reach all types of people and encourage them to live healthier. There are so many excuses when it comes to exercising like no time, too expensive, too far, inconvenient, not coordinated, not flexible, out of shape and the list goes on. No matter what age, skill level, physical shape you’re in, you CAN exercise.

Do you incorporate hydrotherapy as part of your personal exercise regimen?
Absolutely, especially after long runs and bike rides when my muscles are exhausted in order to keep the blood flowing so my legs don’t cramp up. In the evening or the following day, I use hydrotherapy to stretch, warm-up and increase circulation, which helps remove the lactic acid in the muscles, decreasing soreness. Large hot tubs in particular, are perfect, allowing sufficient space for more than one person to stretch and warm up. The combination of hot water and massage hot tubs provide relaxes the muscles, relieves tension and reduces stiffness. Limber and flexible muscles help prevent injury and allows for an increased range of motion.

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Aside from exercise, how do you do to live a healthy lifestyle?
I try to live well by making healthy choices on a daily basis. I eat a fairly healthy and balanced diet, stay active at the office by not sitting for long periods of time, try to get enough sleep and listen to my body when I need rest.

On behalf of Jacuzzi, we wish everyone a Healthy Heart Month!

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